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Disinfectant "Freesept"

Disinfectant "Freesept"
  • Disinfectant "Freesept"
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Country of manufacture:Russia
Disinfectant "Freesept"
Disinfection, disinfection of surfaces, equipment, medical products, general cleaning Treatment and prophylactic institutions (hospitals, clinics), public utilities (hotels, hostels, hairdressers, baths, laundries, catering establishments, industrial markets, public toilets), educational institutions, culture, recreation, sports (swimming pools, cultural health centers, offices, cinemas, etc. ), penitentiary and social security institutions, for disinfection of vehicles Disinfectant with detergent effect.

Composition : alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride (QAC) - 12.5% , alkyldimethylamine (amine) - 4.0% , in addition, the product contains neonol and other functional additives

Activity : has bactericidal (including tuberculocidal), virucidal and fungicidal (against fungi of the genera Candida , Trichophyton, Aspergillus), as well as detergent properties.

Application modes :

- bactericidal activity from 0.1% at 60 min

- virulicidal activity from 1.5% at 60 min

- tuberculocidal activity from 2% at 60 min

- disinfection of fungi of the genus Candida from 0.5% at 120 min

- disinfection of fungi of the genus Trichophyton from 4% at 60 min

- disinfection of medical devices (including surgical and dental instruments) - from 1.5% at 60 minutes

- PSO from 0.1% at 10 min

- disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems for bacterial (including legionellosis, tuberculosis) and viral infections from 2% at 60 minutes

Country of manufacture:Russia
Packaging:Plastic Bottle
Information is up-to-date: 24.03.2021

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